Attempts to write a rolled up and/or pre-aggregated data point to storage. Note that UTF-8 characters may not be handled properly by the Telnet style API so use the /api/rollup method instead or use the Java API directly. Also see the ../user_guide/rollup documentation for more information. This endpoint behaves in a similar manner to the put API.


The command format is:

rollup <rollup spec> <metric> <timestamp> <value> <tagk_1>=<tagv_1>[ <tagk_n>=<tagv_n>]

In this case the rollup spec is one of:

  • <interval>-<aggregator> for a raw or non-pre-aggregated rollup over the interval.

  • <group_by_aggregator> for a raw pre-aggregated value that has not been rolled up over time.

  • <interval>-<aggregator>:<group_by_aggregator> for a rolled up pre-aggregated value.


  • Because fields are space delimited, metrics and tag values may not contain spaces.

  • The timestamp must be a positive Unix epoch timestamp. E.g. 1479496100 to represent Fri, 18 Nov 2016 19:08:20 GMT

  • The value must be a number. It may be an integer (maximum and minimum values of Java’s long data type), a floating point value or scientific notation (in the format [-]<#>.<#>[e|E][-]<#>).

  • At least one tag pair must be present. Additional tag pairs can be added with spaces in between.


rollup 1h-SUM sys.if.bytes.out 1479412800 1.3E3 host=web01 interface=eth0
rollup SUM sys.procs.running 1479496100 42 colo=lga
rollup 1h-SUM:SUM sys.procs.running 1479412800 24 colo=lga


A successful request will not return a response. Only on error will the socket return a line of data. Some examples appear below:

Example Requests and Responses

rollup: illegal argument: not enough arguments (need least 5, got 1)
rollup SUM notatime 42 host=web01
rollup: invalid value: Invalid character 'n' in notatime

The following will be returned if tsd.core.auto_create_metrics are disabled.

rollup SUM new.metric 1479496160 1.3e3 host=web01
rollup: unknown metric: No such name for 'metrics': 'new.metric'